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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  February 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the wall of high pressure. temperatures actually coming up a little bit. the lows have been a little bit warmer. even petaluma, sebastopol, mid 40s now. the higher elevations are really warm. they have so warm, they are stuck. come on now. i know you can do it. >> nationally take a look while we are so warm it is really, really cold for many. and in fact by the weekend new york city 10, washington, d.c. 15. for us we looking for warm temperatures. a cool morning but a warm afternoon. sunny, nice for all. 66-78 degrees temperatures will be way above average here. all right sal, downtown oakland yesterday 79 degrees. it is very strange because
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it feels like summer but i went to lake shoe lay and they still don't have their back patio open because they don't believe it. >> who would? do you want to take a chance on that? >> it feels like summer but it's february. thank you, steve. the traffic now looks pretty good if you are driving right now if you are driving on to the east shore freeway. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza it is a nice drive. sometimes on fridays we have traffic that is is a little lighter than usual. right now if you look at the bay bridge, there is already people out there trying to get into san francisco but no, ma'am major -- no major delays. also san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic looking good. it's 4:31, let's go back to the desk. topping our news, president obama is waking up in san francisco this morning where he spent the night at the fairmont
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hotel. he has a backed day of events -- he has a packed day of events. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: we are here at stanford university and it is already buzzing with activity even though it is early. there is a lot of local and national media here setting up. they are here all covering the president's visit. we did just have to get out some of our equipment so it could go through a security sweep. president obama arrived yesterday evening on air force one at sfo. he gave a wave as he walked off the plane and greeted by mayor ed lee and military family members. he was whisked away and stayed at the fairmont where territory was tight. this morning mr. obama will fly to stanford on marine one. a topic he's putting on the
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national spotlight about 1500 people are expected to attend including silicon valley leaders such as apple ceo tim cook. the president plans to hold a round table discussion. and later tonight the president will be at a fund raising dinner for the democratic party hosted by a prominent tech investor. tickets range from $10,000 to $32 hayricks. the event here at stanford won't start for another four hours or so but the secret service is here of course with stanford university officials are all making sure that everything runs smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. you all of course follow the president all day. the someone dumped a stolen car into the water at the fulton shipyard last night. the contra costa county fire protection district tweet the these photos. witnesses reported seeing it going into the water around 9:30 last night.
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crews attached a tow chain to the car and pulled it out of the watter two hours ago. police need your help to find a missing woman considered at risk. police say lewis is bipolar and has depression. she is 5 feet tall, 160 pounds with gray hair. bart directors are asking the alameda county district attorney to pursue misdemeanor charges against more than a dozen protestors. protestors chained themselves to train cars. the demonstration was against police brutality in the wake of grand jury decisions in missouri and new york. san francisco police are searching for a man that charged at an officer and
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knocked him off a muni platform. i want to show you surveillance photos of the suspect. these were taken january 23rd. a group of officers was conducting some sort of innovation at fourth and king streets near at & t park. police tried to stop and question the the man but he ran off knocking one of the offices off the platform. the officer had minor injuries. a mother is pleading for witnesses to come forward after her daughter was hit and killed last weekend. stephanie bobber says this is the second child she has lost to violence. >> we thank you for the plan that we have in place that will make an impact in her community. >> a prayer service was held yesterday for 25-year-old ray tan ya gad lin.
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new charges emerge against former state senatoriallyland yee. yee conspired to sell his boat on two bills back in 2013. one limited worker compensation claims by professional athletes. the other dealt with regulationover kick boxing, mixed marital arts annulet mall fight championships in california. while most of the defendants are free on bail, chow has been in jail since march.
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>> they can two see their families and do things to prepare their defense. >> yee's trial is set for june. the fbi has opened its own investigation into the killings of three muslim students in north carolina. 5,000 people attended the victims funerals yesterday which was supposed to be held in a mosque but moved to nearby athletic fields to handle the huge crowd. they were shot outside their condo tuesday night. the suspect describes himself as a gun toting atheist. while police suggest he was angry over a parking dispute, the father of one of the victims believes this is a hate crime. >> when the police tell you that the three of them were shot in the head in a very small space, no struggle, no defense, that is execution.
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>> we have also learned a doctor at san francisco general hospital is the sister of the male victim. a republican assemblywoman is not apologizing for her controversial tweet about islam. melissa mendez posted this tweet. gut wrenching news today. american kayla mueller murdered by islamic savage. >> the assembly members comments were deeply offensive because they painted all muslims as one and that is certainly not the case. they were misguided and assumed that all muslims are not peaceful. >> melendez served as a translater.
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south bay postal worker under investigation. >> someone saw him do it. reported it. as soon as we found out about it we checked it out. >> coming up at 5:00 what he did with the mail he was supposed to deliver and what this means to customers. >> it is going to be a popular movie this valentines day but not to bring props or costumes to see 50 shades of grey. >> we are looking at a decent morning commute so far if you are driving through the bay care. golden gate bridge traffic looks good heading down to the toll plaza. >> if you thought it was warm here, you should try southern california. it was really warm there yesterday. in fact, los angeles, 85. long beach 88. what about locally today? it will be warm.
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the port of oakland will open for one day today. operations will resume today at 29 west coast ports. they will shut down from saturday to monday which is president's day. shipping employers say they won't pay workers for over time, weekends and holidays because of labor slow downs and stoppages. >> i had my orders delayed for a couple of months. i thought he was just making excuses. >> the shoreman's union represents 20,000 dock workers. they say they are serving ships under increasingly dangerous conditions. the death rate for dock workers on the job is higher than police officers and firefighters. bay area nurses are showing support for striking refinery workers in the east bay. the nurses joined members of the united states steel workers union on the picket line yesterday at the golden eagles
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refinery. the dangers faced by the workers extend beyond the refinery. >> what they are facing are are also public safety issues because they are asking for the right to be able to shut down production when they identify safety problems. >> the nurses say they also want to expand the reach of their work as passion advocates. stanford university board of trustees approved a tuition hike. tuition for under graduate students will be more than $45,000. for students who live on campus total under graduate fees will jump to more than $60,000. but stanford says only one- third of students actually pay the full tuition with two- thirds receiving some sort of financial aid or scholarship assistance. for the next couple of days some students at the convent are on a tech time out.
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yesterday students sealed up their cell phones and tablets and anything else with a screen inside envelopes. they will remain in the envelopes until sunday morning. fifth graders to high school seniors are participating. 500 hack accepted the challenge. >> maybe in the future when i'm looking for something to do i wouldn't just go on my phone or watch tv, it would be go outside and play basketball. >> my wife would like me to go on a tech time out too. >> i bet. >> some students say when the 72 hours is up, they will jump back on their phones right away. the students that didn't take the challenge say is they didn't do it because they felt like they were being punished.
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>> so now going into the second year of having it it's a good thing. it's a beautiful thing. >> californians like last year have been given a five day extension to february 20th as long as they start the process by sunday and this year the penalty for not having health insurance goes up from a minimumover $95 to $325. >> the deadline for signing up for health insurance is february -- [ laughter ] >> president obama out with a new video remaining people of the february 15th deadline. well it shows him mugging with the mirror, posing with a selfie stick. trying to get more americans to sign up. and on our website we have posted information on
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signing up for cover california as well. there is also a list of signup events scheduled for this weekend. you can get help and find that information under our web link section. one of the most anticipated movies of the year is in theaters today but not everyone is feeling the lust. get it? 50 shades of grey. 50 shades of grey is the top movie of all time for valentines day and president's day weekend. but some people are not happy to see it appear on the big screen. they say it teaches violence toward women in and other things it should be taken for what it is which is a fictional story. >> it shouldn't be taken as real life at all in any way, shape, or form from beginning to end. but it's a great opportunity to think and talk and explore. >> violence does occur daily for women and a movie like this teaches violence. it's not just about sexual pleasure. >> religious leaders are criticizing the movie calling
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it a direct assault on marriage. a social media campaign is asking people to donate to domestic violence awareness groups instead of buying a movie ticket. ticket sales for this long weekend are expected to hit $60 million. and if you are one of the many people holding a ticket to see a 50 shades of grey at amc theaters is asking that you leave your whips and chains at home. oh my. >> okay. >> getting a little hot here for a second. theater chain banning props from its theaters. they don't want anything that will make other people feel uncomfortable. that just doesn't mean 50 shades of grey doesn't mean it's banned from other movies like bat man and the hunger games. >> yeah some of those hinges could be considered -- makes sense not to bring them into a theater. >> leave the chips -- chips. [ laughter ] whips and chains. it's 4:48 in the morning what
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are you going to do? sal, how is traffic? >> yes. >> rescue us. >> i will rescue you. let's move on into the morning commute. i have something interesting happening here on the golden gate bridge. the zipper truck is out. let's take out the zipper truck. oh it moved away. i was just watching them when you were talking about your thing there. and they just changed the lanes to four southbound and two northbound on the golden gate bridge so that is very exciting. out to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound you can see traffic is light. we'll see what happens in about an hour from now when the metering lights usually come on. also looking at the nimitz freeway it is a nice drive. so is 580 through livermore. it's going to be another nice day around the bay area. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> it's almost too nice. >> i know; right? >> i need a little bit of february weather. >> i turned the ac on in the
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car. >> i know. see me too driving around with the ac on in february. [ laughter ] >> you know june will probably be foggy and cold. there you go. we do have a very warm pattern in place. not only here but statewide to be honest with you. it's just high pressure is hanging out here. there is no sign of any rain. everything has been taken out. i know it's warm in oakland yesterday. 79 degrees. they had a northeast breeze coming off the oakland berkeley hills. it was very warm berkeley. i noels sorrow toe. downtown oakland 79. the old record was 70. didn't beat it. smashed it. shattered it. and mountain view also tied at 73. i guess so. i guess it could certainly happen if you get the northeast breeze coming above the caldecott. some of the temperatures yesterday are incredible. santa barbara 82.
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there is a lot of moisture out here. plenty of cloud cover coming up from the west, southwest. but they warm into an everest. a whitney of hi pressure. the end result there is warm air aloft. you can see those will continue to lift north. there is a few more high clouds. 40s, 50s on the temps. 54 sfo. low 50s antioch and brentwood. upper 40s for some. alamo the coolest at 42. statewide it will be another warm day. truckee sitting at 30 degrees. are you kidding me? in february? 58 san diego. where is all that cold air? well take a look. new york 10. dallas 37. new orleans at 38. there will be a low forming right off the carolinas.
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for us it will be sunny and good to do here. a little haze in the air. some higher clouds for those at mendocino county and lake county. lots of sun today. 70s on many of the temps. coast, bay inland it really won't matter. there is no sign of any rain the next 7-10 days. more 70s this weekend. maybe a slight cool down but still it will be above average on the temps. cool morning for most. a warm afternoon. a few high clouds to the north. hazy 60s and 70s. actually the coolest temps continue to be toward the santa clara valley and santa cruz. if you are heading down to monterey it's close to 80 degrees. hazy and warm. it will be very quiet. >> that is unbelievable. >> good timing. >> they will get a lot of extra people down there just to enjoy the weather and everything. >> why not? >> why not? >> i will meet you in pg. >> exactly.
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[ laughter ] more details emerging about what led up to the shooting of a 23-year-old man from san jose police. the surprising new revelation about who actually called 911. >> it is a growing problem and it is only expected to get worse. the daring rescues to help save california's sea lion population.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a diver made an amazing discovery off the coast of san diego. they found a plane submerged just 60 feet deep near mission beach. experts positively identified the aircraft as an a-1 sky raider. it crash landed back in 1953. >> it's incredible that a wreck like that could fly so close to a populated area and not be found. >> i was stunned. the greatest thing i ever dove it was in my backyard. >> that is amazing it's been there all this time. experts who identified the plane were also able to determine that charles kelly was the pilot. her father actually survived the crash landing, went to the hospital and returned to duty that same afternoon. burns is now working with the san diego aerospace museum to determine how he can share his discovery. the problem of sea lion
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pups being stranded along the california coast is getting worse. they are rescuing several a day and one of the rescues was caught on camera. that video was taken thursday morning. they found a sea lion pup stuck on the rocks and grabbed him and put him in a crate. >> some of us are trained in certain ways to rescue certain animals and we use techniques to pick them pup >> it could help out future life guards and might be turn bad a training video so people know how to catch and care for the pups. some kind of synthetic oil killed hundreds of sea birds on the bay. it first showed up on the san leandro shoreline in mid january. it contains a mixture of bats and oils. and when it got on to the birds it made it impossible for them
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to stay warm, float, or fly. >> he came in completely covered. he could not fly. everything was stuck to him. >> she got very emotional about him. more birds were healthy enough to be released yesterday near the golden gate. about 90 are still at the rehab center. penguins in san francisco will be getting a special treat in honor of valentines day. each year biologists give their penguins heart shaped valentines. the wing wins usually give them to their mates or use them in their nests. this will be the first valentines day for the nuance penguins that were born in january. >> that is so cute. i love penguins. time is 4:57. coming up next two surfers rescued after a very close call. the dangers along the coast that could get beach goers in
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trouble. >> and final countdown to value entypes day guys especially after the break the mad rush ahead of tomorrow's holiday. what it means to pay area retailers. >> we are looking at the bridges and one of the bridges looking very good westbound san mateo bridge very lightly traveled should be a decent trip for you on the way to the peninsula. >> pam and brian san diego yesterday was 86 degrees. 86. we had records here. we'll show you those.
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we are live in stanford where president obama will be meeting with silicon valley leaders. we'll tell you what he will be discussing and the actions he is taking today. >> missing mail. a south bay postal worker under investigation. what his bosses say he was caught doing that could impact many customers. all ahead on mornings on 2. good morning. we are live at stanford. you can see a lot of people out there. a big immediate yam presence because president obama is going to be there later today. so everybody including us we are all set up down there. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is going to be -- she


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